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ISO 9001

Green Packaging Material
Shredded, Packaged, and Distributed by Individuals with Disabilities

Recognizing that packaging your product can be costly, Bridgeway's Green Packaging Materials are a lower-cost alternative for void fill, product security, and product stability. Our materials are all-natural, biodegradable, and meet international shipping requirements.

Consider our Gaylord (48x40x36 double-walled) box of shredded cardboard for heavy or unusually-sized items. This heavy filler will hold your items in place minimizing shifting during transport.

Shredded and Baled

Our 200-pound compressed bales of paper shred can be broken apart to use only what's needed in your package. Bales compactly measure approximately 3' x 2' x 2' for easy storage, and represent a green alternative to other packing materials. For smaller projects, consider our pre-packaged 2 pound or 10 pound bags.

Shredded and Baled

Packing Newsprint

Typically used for wrapping breakables or as packing filler, this clean material will not bleed or discolor your shipment.

32# Basis Weight

Available in 25 lb box (Approximately 400 sheets) or 250 lb Gaylord.

Shredded Cardboard

Shredded Cardboard

Available in 75 lb Gaylord.

Available in Bulk Containers